The Journey of an Artist

Fine Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Visionary

Carol Wallace

Captivated by history, devoted to preservation, accomplished as an artist, and enthusiastic about travel, Carol Wallace was destined to create Preserve America. It is an important part of her life's work.

Carol grew up in a hamlet of seven houses and a country store in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. History was a way of life in Bucks County with its stone farmhouses, historic taverns, antique shops, picturesque farms, and shady country roads that wind along the Delaware River Canal, and it was those scenes and memories that left an indelible mark on her soul and influenced her art

Though she continued to paint as a hobby as a young adult, Carol decided to enter the business world and worked for several large corporations, including a major airline company, which peaked her interest in travel and heritage tourism. In addition to the work she was hired to do for these companies, she was frequently asked to chair large corporate events.  The business and public relations experience she gained during that period would, years later, be valuable in the administration of her varied artistic endeavors.

Carol moved to Connecticut in the late 1960s and, shortly thereafter, met her husband, attorney Richard (Rick) Wallace.  They settled in a rural area of northwestern Connecticut and raised their two children, Rick, Jr. and Christine at a serene country home overlooking a majestic Sycamore tree. The couple continues to live there today.  Carol and Rick also were actively involved in the preservation of historic buildings they bought as investment properties. They restored three 1820s Colonial structures and a circa-Civil War Italianate Victorian. 

Carol's artistic resumé closely followed her life's path. She had been painting serious art initially but tried her hand at whimsical work, painting her own version of nursery rhymes for her children's bedrooms when they were young, which featured birds and animals she had seen on her property. Occasionally, throughout Carol's career, this whimsical side of her creativity would re-emerge.

Carol's previous corporate experience in event-planning was put to good use as she planned many events for organizations through the years. Some were done on a grand scale, such as her production of the State of Connecticut's first major TV ad campaign for its tourism department. Her Preserve America venture is a national endeavor using that same formula, and it encompasses all that Carol has spent a lifetime pursuing through her art - to create and give back at the same time.

Carol began showing her watercolor and acrylic paintings in art galleries in Connecticut and New York City in 1983. She started out as an oil painter but switched to watercolors when her children, who were toddlers at the time, got into her paints and decorated the walls and floors of her home.

The visibility of her pen and ink drawings in newspapers, magazines, and tourism brochures spawned another venue for Carol's art. She was asked by owners of stationery stores and tourism directors in Connecticut to create lines of note cards featuring pen and ink drawings and related descriptions about the images on the back of the cards. These mini-histories were very popular and affordable, and soon more elaborate, full-color card lines appeared in other states across the nation.

Carol heeded the call for help in Vermont when she involved storekeepers of country stores in that state and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean to join her in creating a two-sided 2’x3’ poster and awareness campaign which helped communicate the importance of maintaining the culture of the icon of the small family-owned store in the wake of “big box” stores taking over the retail landscape of America. Carol followed that venture by creating the Historic Bucks County poster, a tribute to all small towns that cling to their historic heritage.

Carol is diverse in her ability to paint in numerous mediums, to depict varied subjects, and to create "different looks." Today Carol is a gallery artist, freelance illustrator, commission artist, and designer for the upscale retail stationery and giftware markets. She is also a photographer, writer, publisher of her own line of note cards and posters, owner of a Federal Registered Trademark (Preserve America), preservationist, and philanthropist. She has been an executive producer for TV commercials for tourism, a public speaker relating how artists can combine art and public service, gubernatorial appointee, founder of a cooperative art gallery, juror for art shows, watercolor instructor for major cruise lines, contributor to art reference books, personal historian, event planner, art consultant, and Artist-in- Residence for tourism organizations across America.